Supergirl (Kara of Rokyn):

 Ring of Fury

 by DarkMark

NOTE:  Characters in this story are property of DC Comics.  No money is being made from this story, no infringement is intended.


 Supergirl gasped in pain, as well she might.  The powerful bare legs of Black Flame had her crushed in a body scissors, and the villainess was showing her no mercy.

 Both women were stripped to bikinis, showing off  model-perfect bodies for which Sports Illustrated would have paid a cool million to grace their bathing suit issue.  Both were barefoot.  And both were in a wrestling ring in the city of Kandor on the planet Rokyn, in a grudge match without a referee.

 Black Flame, in a barely-there black bikini and eye-mask, smiled coldly as she exerted terrible thigh pressure on Kara's midsection.  The blonde heroine, in a blue bikini top with her “S” symbol over her right breast and a red bikini bottom, had her eyes closed in pain as she tried to pry Black Flame's legs apart.  She might as well have tried to move a battleship with a toothpick.

 Zora Vi-Lar, aka the Black Flame, grabbed Kara's head under her chin and pulled her back down, exerting arrhythmic pressure on her rib cage and stomach with her powerful but sexy legs.  She found Kara's groans to be a turn-on.  But the best turn-on was the knowledge that every Phantom Zone exile was present invisibly, watching the total defeat and domination of one of
their worst enemies.

 The scenario was this:  Black Flame, a Kryptonian villainess from the bottle city of Kandor, had been defeated by Supergirl on several occasions.  In their first encounter, Zora had had her powers stripped away by exposure to Gold Kryptonite.  The gleaming yellow mineral, one of the rarest varieties of Kryptonite, permanently removed the powers any Kryptonian gained on
Earth.  For that, Zora vowed revenge.  But she had failed, time and again, faced with an opponent who had earth-shaking powers she no longer commanded.

 Still, one thing remained.  She had never had a physical encounter per se with Supergirl.  Despite her crimes, she was not exiled to the Phantom Zone, and she took the time of her imprisonment to work out, build up her physical strength, and learn combat arts...particularly wrestling.

 Kandor had been enlarged on the planet which they had renamed Rokyn.  It circled a red sun.  Zora had had a brief encounter with Supergirl and Superman here, and had seen another plot go awry.  She would have to gain revenge in a new fashion, and knew just the way to do it.

 When she was released, Zora began a career as a female wrestler, a sport that had caught on in Kandor.  Her beautiful body, shown off in a skimpy bikini, and her combat skills were enough to gain her a great fan following.  Soon, Zora had faced the women's champion in Kandor, and had beaten her decisively.

 There was a considerable purse from her win.  Zora got in contact with Supergirl through a computer link with the Fortress, and gave her a deal.  She would release the money to charitable causes in Kandor, but only if Supergirl would consent to face her in the wrestling ring.

 Since Rokyn circled a red sun, Supergirl would have no superhuman powers there.  She and Black Flame would be fighting as equals in that ring of fury.   Reluctantly, Kara agreed.

 Zora had been contacted telepathically by the criminals of the Phantom Zone, who approved and were eager to see the gorgeous Girl of Steel get taken apart in a wrestling match.  More than that, the males among them were considerably turned-on by the aspect of two bikini-clad, barefoot beauties fighting to a submission.  Faora Hu-Ul, a female Zoner, was ecstatic
with the concept, and only wished that she could be the one to battle Kara.

 And so it was that Supergirl had flown to the Fortress, keeping the match a secret from Superman, had gone by a space-warp device to Rokyn, had made the necessary arrangements with Kandorian promoters who were ecstatic over the prospect, and was now in the ring, shucking her uniform to reveal her body in a brief wrestling bikini.  Zora had stripped off her own
costume, entered the ring, and begun circling her prey hungrily.

 “There is no referee here, dear Supergirl, and no pins are allowed,” hissed Zora, bending forward at the waist, her arms extended.  “One of us must submit to the other.”  And the other must accept the submission--if she chooses to, was the unspoken part of Zora's message.

 “Nice to have it all laid out for me,” muttered Kara, circling to keep Zora facing her.  Despite a residual nervousness, Kara was proud of her body.  Long, tanned legs, full breasts, wasp waist, the face of a cover girl, and long blonde hair that hung to the middle of her back.  If she had wanted to, she could have gained a plum role on Baywatch.

 But Zora was a tigress, muscled like a fitness model, with a body that bespoke sex, danger, and power.  She was proud of her breasts and legs, and justly so; she had even done some modelling work on the side.  Her brunette hair hung to her shoulders, and her greenish eyes bespoke volumes of hatred at her foe.  The black mini-bikini and the black eye-mask enhanced her aura of villainy and eroticism.  The Black Flame was the wet dream of more than a few male Kandorians.

 Zora broke the tension by grabbing Kara by the head, falling to her back, pushing her legs into the blonde's stomach, and monkey-flipping her overhead.   Supergirl landed with a crash.  Dazed, she tried to get back on her feet, and knew that the Amazon she faced was very probably more than she could handle.

 But the half-naked hellcat would not let her up.  Zora quickly grabbed Kara's left wrist with both hands, put her bare feet against the blonde's armpit and neck, and pulled back as hard as she could.  Supergirl cried out in pain.  The witch had gotten her in an arm-stretch, and it would be all she could do to prevent her arm from being pulled out of its socket!

 Zora exerted more force.  The subtle muscles on her upper arms stood out as she held Supergirl's arm captive.  Kara arched her back, grabbed her hurt shoulder, raised her bottom off the mat with her feet on tiptoe, and tried to get loose.  No luck.  She fell back down to the mat, gritting her teeth against the pain.

 “By the time I'm done with you, this is going to seem like pleasure,” promised Zora, grimly.  Kara, unable to keep silent any longer, groaned.  She was unaccustomed to this sort of punishment.

 The lovely blonde managed to get to her feet, with Zora still holding the arm-stretch.  Unable to relieve the pressure, Kara went back down to the mat.  But she did finally manage a rollout, grabbed Zora by the head, and applied a headlock, using her good arm to exert the pressure.

 Zora's face showed some pain--Kara was no lightweight herself--and it took some seconds for her to get free.  But she did push out of the hold and shoved Kara to the mat, wrenching her hurt arm between her shoulders in a hammerlock.  “Ohhh, my arm,” groaned Supergirl as the female fiend straddled her back.  Kara kicked the mat in pain with her bare feet and shook her head to clear the cobwebs.

 Black Flame got her other arm under Kara's chin and began levering it back in a chinlock.  The pressure to Kara's back began to build, and the wrestling heroine grabbed at Zora's hands with her free hand.  Zora released Kara's arm and put both of her hands into the chinlock, exultant at how much pain she was putting into Supergirl's lovely, bikini-clad body.

 Several videocameras were recording the bout, and all of them got separate angles on Kara's suffering.  One was a frontal closeup on Kara's face, eyes shut in pain, Zora's hands clasped beneath her chin.  Another showed a frontal view more fully, with Zora's cold, cruel expression evident as was most of her half-bare body, pulling back hard on Supergirl's head.  Kara's head, arms, and breasts were in the frame.  Another view, a backshot, showed Zora's back and bare feet as she crouched on Supergirl, and Kara's fantastic buns and bare legs and feet.  Another view, from the side, showed the hold more fully.  Later, techs would edit this into a video that would inevitably do big-bucks work among wrestling fans.

 Zora slid to the side, pulling Supergirl with her, and wound her legs about her foe's trim middle.  Supergirl gasped in relief for an instant, glad to be out of the neck-wrenching, spine-bending hold, but soon moaned in anguish as Zora's cover-girl legs crossed at the ankles and began compressing her bare midriff like two steel I-beams.

 The villainess smiled.  Supergirl was turning out to be a real creampuff.

 Zora's scissors was good at squeezing the fight out of ring rivals, and that's what it was doing with Kara.  She hadn't submitted, but that was what the brunette was counting on from the proud blonde.  She unwound her sexy legs from Kara's midsection, let the blonde gasp in needed air for a few seconds, then went back to the assault.

 Hauling her up by her hair, Zora hooked Supergirl into an abdominal stretch.  Kara couldn't believe the pain that her body was receiving!  The punishment on top of what her stomach had already received was withering.  “Please!” she begged Zora, who was smiling
like a cat with a canary in its claws.

 The cruelty continued with a standing surfboard hold.  Kara was on her knees as the villainess pulled back both her arms, a foot braced in her back against her bra strap.  Immobile, Kara could only groan in pain.

 Zora, exultant in her dominance, knew that she'd have to have a hot vibrator session once this fight was over.  Or perhaps call up one of her lovers for a whole night of ecstasy.  They could watch the unedited video and both get turned on together.  But right now, it seemed that nothing could beat the rush she had from making Supergirl putty in her hands.

 The bitch-beauty released Kara once again.  It was a familiar scenario by now; Zora let Kara go only to put her in another torture hold.  This time, she put Kara in the ring corner, hooked her arms over the top ropes, and kneed her in the stomach.  Waves of pain and nausea shook Kara.  The masked wrestlerette slapped her foe in the face, laughing at her pain.

 But none of the previous holds or techniques were what Zora enjoyed the most.  Her most potent and painful moves were directed at an opponent's legs, feet, and even toes.  She knew how aroused men get by watching a female torture another female's sexy legs in a toehold, and her toeholds were enough to make even male opponents submit in agony.  With Supergirl, she had saved the best for last.

 Zora threw Supergirl to the mat, face down, and bent both her legs at the knees, criss-crossing them at the ankles.  Kara, shaking herself back to consciousness, knew and feared what was to come.  “Not my legs, no,” she whispered.  But it had already begun.

 Zora, crouched so as to display a load of cleavage to one of the cameras, leaned into the double toehold and put terrific, torturous pressure on Supergirl's tanned, bare, sexy legs.  Kara moaned and groaned, shut her eyes, and slapped the mat in agony.  Zora wore a smile of satisfaction.  She was hardly done.

 Zora scissored Supergirl's crossed legs with her own gorgeous gams to keep up the pressure.  Then she grabbed Kara's left bare foot and twisted hard.  To max out the pain Supergirl was suffering, she also managed to bend back and twist her big toe.  Kara was hammering the mat and sobbing in pain.  The masked woman was in ecstasy.  To be half-nude and defeating your worst-hated enemy in woman-to-woman combat...this, to Zora, was the pleasure supreme.

 Zora turned Kara over, grabbed her left ankle, and grapevined her leg, pushing down and twisting Kara's trapped leg in a stepover toe hold.  Kara writhed in pain and kicked the mat with her free foot.

 “No more, please, no more!” begged Supergirl, grabbing her thigh in anguish.

 “I haven't yet begun to make you suffer, little girl,” replied Black Flame.  “But it won't be long!”

 Zora modified the hold to a punishing spinning toehold.  Kara tried to raise herself up to grab Zora, but the villainess shoved her back down and went to work on the foot of the crosswise leg.  Kara turned her face to the side and howled.

 Sweat staining her bikini, the villainess smiled as she tortured Kara's trapped leg.  It was super-sadistic and super-sexy, an erotic high for both Zora and the spectactors.  Kara, however, had a different perspective.  For her, it was sheer hell.

 Next, Zora subjected Kara to a humiliating and painful leg split, making sure the camera got a great shot of her beaten and hurting foe.  Kara's drop-dead gorgeous body was covered with sweat from the pain and strain.  She rolled her head back and forth on the mat, groaning from Zora's torture.  Zora couldn't resist putting her knee where it didn't have any business being, for an instant.  Then she sat down on the mat and entwined both pairs of their long legs together in
a sadistic, terribly painful figure-four leglock.

 This hold, which kept Supergirl's legs clamped in a figure-four by Zora's legs, had the advantage of letting the wicked wrestlerette see her opponent's face as she tortured her.  Kara howled in pain, arched her back, and tried to reach her legs with her hands.  Zora, lying with her back to the mat, upped the pressure for a second and Kara fell back.  Kara rolled over on the mat but Zora rolled with her, and the leglock remained in place.

 The masked bitch-beauty reached out and grabbed the ropes with both hands to add to the leverage.  Kara was suffering more pain than she had ever endured in a fight before.  She looked ready to concede.  To prolong the match, Zora eased up on the pressure, but still kept their legs firmly entwined.  Supergirl dragged in gasping breaths, her resolve against submission withering with each moment.

 Zora let go of the ropes and grabbed Kara's foot to hold her in place, twisting it a bit and bending back her toe.  At the same time she upped the pressure on the leglock.  Supergirl suffered excruciating pain.  Tears came from her eyes, and she sobbed in agony.  The evil girl had the good girl defeated, beaten, crushed.  All that remained was the submission.

 Zora's face was a portrait of sadistic pleasure.  Kara's was that of a beauty in pain.  The torture went on for minute after minute.  How long could the blonde heroine stand the agony before conceding the match?   Zora became concerned for her rival, in spite of herself...but not enough to stop the leg torture.

 Finally, the beaten beauty had had enough.  Supergirl gasped, “I...I give!  I GIVE!”

 “Do you acknowledge my superiority?” hissed Zora, keeping up the painful pressure.

 “I do!” howled Kara.  Anything to get out of the hold.

 “Then I accept your submission,” said the villainess, and let the girl's legs loose.

 Zora was a bit wobbly herself, having used so much effort in the leglock.  She steadied herself on the ropes, stood up, and raised her arms in victory.  She planted one bare foot on Supergirl's bare stomach.   Finally, she had defeated her hated rival in the most satisfying way possible.  She had shown herself more woman than Supergirl.  Ohh, it was beyond ecstacy.  She
just hoped she could make it to the dressing room in time.

 Kara was still in plenty of pain, clutching her thigh and sobbing.  Soon, the attendants would be there to give her a hand and some well-needed pain treatment.   But for now, it was just a beaten girl and the memory of her defeat.  And she had to admit that, right now, she didn't want to think about a rematch.

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